Specification of previous organs

The specification of the 1923 organ


Great Organ   Swell Organ  
Open Diapason No1 8ft Open Diapason 8ft
Open Diapason No2 8ft Stopped Diapason 8ft
Wald Flute 8ft Echo Gamba 8ft
Dulciana 8ft Principal 4ft
Principal 4ft Oboe 8ft
Harmonic Flute 2ft Trumpet 8ft
Fifteenth 2ft Celeste 8ft
           Swell Octave  
           Swell Sub Octave  
Pedal Organ          Swell Unison Off  
Contra Bass 32ft    
Open Diapason 16ft        Swell to Great  
Bourdon 16ft        Swell to Pedal  
Octave Bass 8ft        Great to Pedal  
Flute Bass 8ft    

The specification of the 1964 organ


Great Organ   Swell Organ  
Contra Dulciana 16ft Gamba 8ft
Open Diapason 8ft Stopped Diapason 8ft
Claribel Flute 8ft Principal 4ft
Principal 4ft Fifteenth 2ft
Wald Flute 4ft Mixture (19. 22) II
Twelfth 2 2/3 Contra Oboe 16ft
Fifteenth 2ft Trumpet 8ft
Mixture (19. 22. 26) III Tremulant 8ft
       Swell to Great          Swell Octave  
           Swell Sub Octave  
Choir Organ   Pedal Organ  
Gedact 8ft Open Wood 16ft
Stopped Flute 4ft Bourdon 16ft
Dulciana 8ft Gamba 16ft
Dulcet 4ft Quint 10 2/3
Nazard 2 2/3 Bass Flute 8ft
Fifteenth 2ft Octave 8ft
Larigot 1 3/5 Dulciana 8ft
Octavin 1ft Octave Flute 4ft
        Great to Choir          Great to Pedal  
        Swell to Choir          Swell to Pedal  
           Swell to Pedal 4ft